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Born in a stable, raised in the ’burbs

Posted on Dec 24, 2013 by in Cities | 0 comments


During my church’s celebration of the third Sunday of Advent, I was again struck by the absurdity of it all. The eternal God of the universe chose not only to veil himself in flesh, but also to do so in particularly humble circumstances. Geopolitical forces may have caused Joseph to take his betrothed to Bethlehem, but Jesus’s parents were not movers and shakers in society—they were mere commoners whose meager station was evidenced by their use of a feed trough as a cradle.

Yet in Why Cities Matter, pastors Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard use the location of the Nativity to argue for the importance of center-city ministries. They reason that the power and influence of cities makes them the most strategic location for gospel ministry:

“When God’s people’s commitment to the urban mandate fizzled out, he personally took up responsibility for the mission, took on human flesh, and was born into the city (Luke 2:11).”

Was the incarnation strategically placed in the center city?

Read the rest at WORLD.

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