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Smiths, Joneses, and Americans

Posted on Jul 13, 2012 by in Politics | 0 comments

american jesus
My inaugural foray on this site–calling on Evangelicals to remember that nations are a kind of thing that can keep people out–inspired comments querying whether national sovereignty is actually a Christian idea. Some commenters asked this question honestly, others rhetorically. To this latter group, a sovereignty which flexes its power to deport outsiders is deeply inconsistent with Christian charity and biblical morality.
Since then, this forum has housed some excellent reflections on patriotism and national identity. Mr. McCracken provided a stirring apology for moderate patriotism, then Mr. Simpson busted out a little patristic action in reminding us that a Christian’s most fundamental political reflection is Kurios Iesous.

To these I would add a single thought: Belonging to a country, while not an ultimate identity, is one piece of information about a man. That is why Richard John Neuhaus once said that he expected to meet God as an American.

Read the rest at Mere Orthodoxy.

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