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Another Principle to Bring to the “Table”: Evangelicals, Immigration, and the Supreme Court

Posted on Jun 27, 2012 by in Politics | 0 comments

Earlier this month some sort of “table” of Evangelicals issued a call for bipartisan immigration reform. Whether willing accomplices or unwitting stooges (You Make the Call!), they served to provide cover for President Obama’s executive-policy/discretionary-enforcement/mini-Dream-Act, announced just three days later.

Whatever its motivation, this coalition of Evangelical groups outlined a set of principles that ended up looking a little more like a camel than a horse. Their hypothetical policy solution would:

  • Respect the God-given dignity of every person
  • Protect the unity of the immediate family
  • Respect the rule of law
  • Guarantee secure national borders
  • Ensure fairness to taxpayers, and
  • Establish a path toward legal status and/or citizenship for those who qualify and who wish to become permanent residents

This list of principles raises more questions than it answers. What about times when your respect for the immigrant’s God-given dignity conflicts with your respect for the rule of law? No advice is given. How do you ensure fairness to taxpayers while providing legal status (and all the attendant social services) to all who wish to stay? Silence.

Read the rest at Mere Orthodoxy.

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